What does Foshay mean to you?

by Rob Stevenson

I have never really had a brand. 

I have been brand-loyal: Nike, Dodge, John Deere, Tad Coffin Saddles, UNB and BlackBerry to name a few.

What is it that makes me loyal to brands? A brand to me is something that I have decided that I can trust.  Once committed to a brand, I never look back;  it is that brand to the end.  Through the thick and thin, I’ll stick with that brand.  We’ll share our victories and shoulder our defeats.  Brands make it easier in a way, as they can alleviate the stress of frequent decision making…  Like drinking coffee black.  Brand loyalty also defines us in the world – he’s a Blackberry guy, nevermind…

In the last 2 weeks, we have been focused on the Foshay brand. It turns out that Foshay means something to people on a daily basis.  Foshay is a place, both physical and mythical.  It is an international equestrian event in New Brunswick, and it’s also a notion that symbolizes a dream and a world-class experience.

Over this past weekend, we started filming for the Foshay 2020 promotional video with the Foshay team.  The question: “What Foshay mean to you?” was asked many times.  It’s fun to hear how Foshay means something just a little different to everyone.  Each person has their own relationship with Foshay the brand.  Is it an equestrian event or a soul-searching journey to greatness? In the end I think we decided it was a bit of both.

Many know our brand by the international recognized logo designed by Foshay event director Samantha Atkinson and Foshay website designer Jon Dennis.  The logo illustrates all that the brand represents – the horse’s head gazing to the future, sporting the essential maple leaf whilst the river courses along its shoulder.  It’s great fun to spot the logo on faded ball-caps in far-away lands.

Foshay was only an idea for 25 years; now it is a global brand.  Point your dreams our way and let your future happen.

Speaking of dreams, we are launching the Foshay Team Challenge in 2020. This will be open to riders in both CCI 1* and CCI 2* in the U25 and open divisions.  We’ll make no effort to disguise this event as an alternative to other such team competitions.  And though this will not run as a championship, it will be a team challenge run under FEI rules.  It is rare in this sport that we get to compete on teams, yet arguably, these experiences can be a most meaningful of our athletic careers.

So join us on the Road To Foshay including the Foshay 2020 Team Challenge,  September 5 -7 2020. 

Dare to dream, to experience, to seek greatness.  We have, we do and we will. 

Let the Road To Foshay be your physical and mythical journey to the future you want.




Only 7 hours from Boston and nestled on the river’s edge in beautiful Jemseg New Brunswick, Foshay International is one of a kind- come see for yourself!

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