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Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks for checking us out. There are many ways that you can be a part of this exciting international event. Please express your interest in one or more of our Volunteer Teams and Foshay International will be in touch to match your interests and abilities with fun and rewarding assignments.

It’s going to be an awesome experience!

Foshay Academy

Provide a fun and safe environment for our youngest spectators by engaging children in simple arts and crafts projects and supervising young spectators while maintaining order and safety. Must be at least 16 years old.

Foshay Jumper Classic

Introducing the new 2019 Foshay Jumper Classic! We will be running a jumper show on Sunday and Monday this year, and looking for volunteers to help as ring crew, maintaining the in-gates among other fun roles!

Fleet Management & Hospitality Team

Offer our famous Maritime hospitality to Athletes, Officials, VIPs, and visitors by assisting them with arrival, airport and golf cart shuttle, or responding to special needs.

Stables Team

Ensure the equine Foshay International participants have a pleasant stay by responding to requests for extra bedding, veterinary or farrier services, or other special needs. Maintain safety and good order in the stabling facilities.

Grounds Team

Help maintain our pristine environment by maintaining the cleanliness and order of the grounds, Athlete’s Village and visitor areas. Help us to minimize our ecological footprint.

Security & Parking Team

So many spectators mean so many vehicle! Help Foshay International be a safe venue and experience. 

Foshay River Run

Bring your runner’s experience (or gain experience!) to Foshay and volunteer to be part of our 2nd Annual Foshay 5km cross-country race crew on Saturday evening. No previous skill level required.

Food & Beverage Team

Serve our Athletes, Officials, VIPs, Volunteers and visitors some of the best foods our province can provide. Assist with keeping all the Foshay International dining and refreshment areas clean and appetizing.

Cross-Country Team

Be part of the exciting Foshay International Cross-Country phase by scoring an individual element, running scores, assisting at the start box or the finish line, or ensuring safe travel across paths and roadways.

Dressage Team

Use your Dressage experience to ensure that the Foshay International Dressage phase runs smoothly, efficiently and fairly. Assist with scribing, running scores, checking bits or managing the in-gate.

Stadium Jumping Team

Support the Stadium Jumping phase by being part of the jump crew, maintaining the in-gate, timing or scribing.

About Applying

Please indicate your first and second choice for a team you’d like to be a part of. Our volunteer coordinator will keep in touch as we count down to the dream.


Only 7 hours from Boston and nestled on the river’s edge in beautiful Jemseg New Brunswick, Foshay International is one of a kind- come see for yourself!

Foshay International

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