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Situated along the River in Lower Jemseg NB, our location is one of a kind! Check it out.

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From quaint Bed & Breakfasts, to local hotels, come experience New Brunswick hospitality.

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Kids from ages 6-16 are invited to sign up for a weekend of horse fun. 

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What is Eventing?

‘Eventing’ is one of the three Olympic disciplines of equestrian sport.  Originally, the sport was designed as a test for cavalry officers.  It is often referred to as the equestrian triathlon.  The athletes and their horses compete in three phases over three days. 

  • The first day is the dressage test – a pre-determined pattern of movements designed to demonstrate accuracy and harmony of horse and rider. 
  • The second day is the cross-country course, a series of obstacles set on varying terrain to test speed and jumping ability. 
  • On the third day, the combinations compete over a show jumping course, one last test of jumping accuracy.  The scores from the three days are combined to decide the overall standing.  As in all equestrian sports, women and men compete as equals!

The sport has five levels of competition, namely Intro through to 5-star (Olympic level).  The Foshay CCI will offer the CCI * – Unified and CCI** levels of competition in 2020. We will also be offering two National levels including the Modified EV 1.05 & Preliminary.  These levels will often feature athletes with less experience, yet seasoned international competitors also need to introduce their younger horses to the sport through these levels; thus we often see a mix of established and up-and-coming athletes.


Only 7 hours from Boston and nestled on the river’s edge in beautiful Jemseg New Brunswick, Foshay International is one of a kind- come see for yourself!

Foshay International

Latest News

Foshay International postponed until 2021: CCI-3S division to be added.

Not an easy decision, but the right one nonetheless.

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For those of you who are competing at Preliminary this season, we have something new this year... read more!

Top 10 Things to Expect at Foshay International 2019

 Expect big things at our event this year- here are a few standouts for you to look forward to in 2019!

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