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My family has long been involved in hosting equestrian events in New Brunswick. My grandparents, Helen and Chet Campbell, hosted the Fredericton Horse Show for several decades at the exhibition grounds in Fredericton. My parents, Janet and Bob Stevenson, along with the friends of Foshay, then hosted equestrian events at Foshay Farms in Lower Jemseg from 1985 through 2008. These shows and their legacy have been the foundation of my own athletic career which led to the honour of representing Canada at the 1992 Olympic Games. I have maintained an active role in equestrian sport and currently serve as the Chair of the High Performance Advisory Group, as well as serving on the International Equestrian Federation’s special committee on risk management. 

As much as we are looking to create a venue that will introduce international equestrian sport to the Maritimes, so too do we aspire to share this inspirational setting with the world. Our mission is simple; through the spectacle of the event, we hope to inspire the dreams of young equestrians. We hope to provide a pathway for aspiring Maritime riders to compete internationally here at home in New Brunswick. And finally, we envision that the legacy of this competition will raise the level of sport in Canada to achieve future greatness at major games and championships.





Rob Stevenson



Only 7 hours from Boston and nestled on the river’s edge in beautiful Jemseg New Brunswick, Foshay International is one of a kind- come see for yourself!

Foshay International

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