Foshay Meets Area 1!

Recap of our road trip to the USEA Area 1 AGM

The Foshay International team was very pleased to attend the dynamic Area I Meeting January 7th at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Our journey started bright and early on a crisp (frigid) -24 degree Celsius, Saturday morning in Fredericton, New Brunswick. With horses to ride, Sam Atkinson (Event Director), Rob and Suzanne Stevenson (Co-Chairs) got to work, with 3 sets being ridden before hitting the road with sights set on Holyoke MA! About 10 coffees, 3 bags of pretzels and 7 ½ hours later, we pulled in to the D Hotel ready to talk all things eventing.

Thanks to the coordination of Sharyn Antico, we were joined at dinner by Canadian Advanced rider Tik Maynard, Young Rider William Jarrel and his mom Brenda, and the Area 1 Adult Riders Coordinator, Suzanne Adams. We were also joined by FIOC – New York member (brother Jon Stevenson), who was eager to spread the word about our new event.

Meetings started early Sunday morning.  The Foshay International booth looked great, and our team sure wasn’t complaining about being positioned next to the coffee and refreshment table.  Under the direction of Chair Sarah Adams, we learned of the very healthy state of the Area.  With the Young Rider update by Will Jarrell and an engaging “Brain Training” talk for Adult Riders by Andrea Monsarrat Waldo, we could see many potential Foshay participants and friends in the crowd.  Fellow Canadian, Tik Maynard, delivered the keynote address and did our country proud with “7 Big Picture Ideas to Get Along Better With Your Horse.” Although we could have chatted all night, we said our final goodbyes, and “see you soons”, eager to report back to the rest of our team what a successful 48 hours we had had in the USA!

It was an easy drive back, and the reception of our event by our neighbours across the boarder made it well worth the trip! The support and encouragement of the entire Area 1 group was contagious, and we returned to the Maritimes with renewed inspiration to make this event something to be remembered.

The Foshay International went to Area I (and loved it!) – now we hope that Area I will come to Foshay Labour Day weekend, and know you will love New Brunswick too! We are so excited to see you all there, for what will prove to be one of the best weekends of the summer.


Only 7 hours from Boston and nestled on the river’s edge in beautiful Jemseg New Brunswick, Foshay International is one of a kind- come see for yourself!

Foshay International

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